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Redone Sanji 3 - Greyscale Color by AnimeGirlMika Redone Sanji 3 - Greyscale Color by AnimeGirlMika
This is the final version of my reworked Sanji drawing.  Please start at part 1 to see the progression of this project from the beginning: For the pure fun of it, and because satoita suggested it, I finished off this piece by coloring in Manga Studio.  I didn't try to color it with physical media because I used so many different inks that I had no idea if they would smudge if I applied marker over the top.  The original color job was actually polychromatic but I ended up not liking the colors when I was done.  After various attempts at tweaking, I decided I liked it best when I simply desaturated the image.  I think the reason I didn't like the colors was that this ink job ended up so heavy and dark that it doesn't jive at all with my normal style of coloring.  I just don't do dark.  It also didn't help that despite the reinking I did, the anatomy overall was still not very good so it threw me off in places like Sanji's neck where it only barely makes sense.  It's hard to shade something when you can't get your head around how it would look and operate in 3D (or at least when you can't accept that it wouldn't work).  All that considered, I at least like the end result enough now to share it here X3

This was an interesting project and fun because it was spur-of-the-moment.  It didn't take me very long to complete (though it took me too long to post it all, lol) which is also refreshing, since these days all I really want to work on are super involved pieces that take weeks of research, planning, and execution.  It's good to occasionally indulge in something that I won't ever include in my portfolio.  To be honest, I think the biggest lesson this piece taught me was that I should create fan art a little more often.  I have spent the past many years trying to cultivate an art style that is patently my own and in doing so, I pushed away fan art because I wanted to be known for my original work, not my derivatives.  But drawing something based on whatever holds my heart at the moment is refreshing.  Sometimes I just gotta let the fangirl loose :3

Ink on smooth Bristol, Manga Studio, 9x12"
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