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Redone Sanji 2 by AnimeGirlMika Redone Sanji 2 by AnimeGirlMika
So this is the re-inked version of my super-old Sanji drawing.  Please see my deviation for part 1 to read the explanation of my project: I used so many different inking tools that I declined to keep track.  I simply got out the bag of black inking pens/markers/brush pens from all my previous art subscription boxes (that's like three years' worth of tools) and went to town.  I actually messed up the job in a couple places.  One spot was impossible to hide without using white so I decided to just leave it.  In my scan of part 1, the original linework, I left the one little mess-up I did way back then, so I thought leaving my new mistake would be an interesting reminder that no matter how far I've come, I can still make erroneous marks.  The other mistake was easier to mask.  It's the reason my ink job became so dark here.  I won't tell you where it was, it's impossible to tell now >:3

Re-inking this was harder than I figured initially.  I wanted to improve my anatomy while still maintaining the integrity of my original lines.  That's actually another reason why this drawing is so dark: I had to use huge line weight in order to get better anatomy from the original.  I think I did a fair job of it!  I'm really pleased with the contours of Sanji's shoulders and face.  Still not up to my current skill and style but very much improved.  This project also showed just how far along my hatching skills have come.  The original just has a few tentative lines, barely noticeable, a clear indication of how inexperienced and unsure I was.  These days I feel like I just instinctively know where to hatch, what angle to use, how heavy to go, and even if I mess up, I have the ability to mask my mistake or run with it as if I meant to do it all along.

Ink on smooth Bristol, 9x12"

Part 3:
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